Allison Nye, Hannah's Hope Intern

As the daughter to two loving parents and a sister to a brother who describes himself as awesome, Allison knows the impact that having a family can have on one’s life and wants everyone to have the same experience she had.  While she is not able to pinpoint exactly when she became interested in orphaned and vulnerable children, she knows that she wants to foster and adopt one day. In the meantime, she desires to do whatever she can to support current foster and adoptive parents as well as current orphaned and vulnerable children.  An avid reader, researcher, writer, and learner, Allison embraces her intellectual side (AKA she is an introverted bookworm and nerd) and is looking forward to all the ways she can contribute to Ignite Hope. Currently, Allison attends Clemson University (Go Tigers!) and is majoring in Psychology, minoring in Spanish and hoping to go into Christian education, church ministry, or work for a non-profit.

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