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Strategic Prayer is the term God revealed to IgniteHope to describe specific and intentional intercessory prayer - especially praying scripture over and into the

lives of the people in orphan care.

Strategic Prayer Training is offered to any like-minded prayer giver or receiver, to help them grow in their own faith and prayer life. Additionally, Ignite Hope works with organizations to execute strategic prayer training and to help them develop their own prayer plans.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we have an intentional and strategic Enemy. In order to IGNITE HOPE in the hearts of at-risk children and rescue them from a life with no hope and no home, we must be strategic and intentional.

 Ignite Hope exists to rescue at-risk children from the nightmare of life without Family. Our coaching and training efforts are aimed at being just as strategic and intentional as our enemy can be, all the while claiming the promises and victories of heaven over these children, these families, and their circumstances.

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