Whether you are an adoptive parent or just know one - we need your voice right now. Please contact your Reps via the link below to share your support for the Adoption Tax Credit- specifically highlighting the importance of making this Credit Refundable, as many adoptive families are at this point and as it is written UNABLE to take full advantage of this important tax credit.

We are grateful to your hearts to help At Risk kids come home to their forever families and we are thrilled to partner with you to make this true a living reality for the families and kids waiting even now to meet for the very first time!


God Bless,

Jacqui Jackson

- CEO Ignite Hope-


We fight for the unheard cries of children in our communities, in the Church and in congress. 



We provide resources that support foster and adoptive families during their journey.



Ignite Hope hosts a variety of events in order to encourage foster and adoptive families.


Kids Running

Our Impact


In 2020 after just 4 ½ years with our nonprofit status, Ignite Hope has impacted over 87,000 individuals in 26 countries with our devotionals, prayer guides, and training. 


Ignite Hope’s key distinctive has always been strategic prayer.  This year we established several new partnerships, including facilitating strategic prayer training for Georgia’s largest Christian foster agency, Faith Bridge, and a 6-month article segment with Focus on the Family.





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