Champions for Children

Pre-Born to Permanency

We fight for the unheard cries of children in

our Communities, Church, and Government.


For awareness of issues that affect children in crisis in our communities, in churches and government.


For Resources for individuals needs to help fill gaps left by trauma and crisis events, providing the needed resources both physically and spiritually.


Encourage understanding belonging and spiritual well-being for Children in Crisis and the families that choose to stand with them


The Problem facing kids today is too much anxiety, too much loss, and too little hope.

  • At-Risk Kids can grow up without the HOPE of family or healing, making them feel angry and helpless.

  • Even after a crisis, they need support for 3-5 Years.

  • Nearly 13,000 children are in Georgia’s foster care system alone

  • Every Child and family situation is unique and needs an individual support.


We at Ignite Hope believe there is a severe lack of support and protection surrounding At-Risk kids today.

Everything that hits your kids hard – hits these kids like a tsunami.

We understand their loss and pain, so we have positioned ourselves as Champions to protect every At-Risk kid and support every family who stands in the gap for them. 


Let’s give more kids forever families and support those that love them.

Please join us as a Champion for Children by advocating and supporting Ignite Hope’s critical work of healing. We stand up with you to Ignite Hope.


Our Impact

In 2020 after just 4 ½ years with our nonprofit status, Ignite Hope has impacted over 87,000 individuals in 26 countries with our devotionals, prayer guides, and training. 

Ignite Hope’s key distinctive has always been strategic prayer.  This year we established several new partnerships, including facilitating strategic prayer training for Georgia’s largest Christian foster agency, Faith Bridge, and a 6-month article segment with Focus on the Family.


Hannah's Hope Program Highlight

Did you know the average family in our Hannah’s Hope program needs support and services for 3 to 5 years?  At the cost of $7,000 a year for the family unit, that’s about $30,000!  Right now, we currently have 15 families going through our program.  That’s $450,000 of support, services, events, prayer, counseling, advocacy, and events for our current number of families! We expect a significant increase this year.  Dfacs has seen a nominal increase in foster care due to Covid.  Courts are opened back up, and countries are starting to allow adoptions again