For any family that has ever faced infertility, loss or had their hearts desire for family delayed or denied we understand, we get you because we are you. Hannah’s Hope was conceived out of our own felt need for spiritual support, strategic prayer and community when our own family walked out our personal foster and adoption stories in many different ways. Based on the Old Testament example of Hannah who so longed for a child that she went alone to the temple to “pour out her heart” to God about her desire for children.  This is our signature spiritual wrap around service that connects prayer warriors with families who are walking out foster, adoptive or KinCare relationships. Teams are formed monthly and the goal is to give families a safe place to download, regroup and find much needed safe spaces to process through the challenges and victories that are inherent caring for kids in hard places.  Teams are usually together about 9 - 12 months or a “season” as families, wait, welcome or transition with a child or children. We understand the need for praying without ceasing for the blessing of children, we also understand that sometimes you need to pray for help with managing the blessing. Enter - Hannah’s Hope.


    1 Samuel 1:27 - I prayed for this child, and the Lord granted me what I asked of him.


    If you are a church, foster parents or someone considering adoption our goal is to constantly build a resource library that will empower your journey.

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