Here's how we help 

There's more to the story

Ignite Hope is dedicated to providing foster kids and families with resources to aid them in their battle



Ignite Hope:

1. Advocates for foster care and adoption within the local church.

2. Performs training to prepare the local church to deploy into orphan care.

3. Connects the local church directly with Child and Family Services or other orphan care agencies. where they can serve.


Ignite Hope representatives have worked hard to be able to influence legislation on a state and national level. 

Our current initiatives are:

National - Through an advisory role we were able to help lawmakers expand new legislation from "this will help a few hundred children" to "this will help thousands of children".

State - Ignite Hope partnered with multiple individuals and organizations to form a Foster child bill of rights which was submitted this summer for consideration. Pray! 


Within our community, there is a huge need for encouragement and support for foster and adoptive families.  Most people aren't aware of this need, even if they are, they aren't sure how to help. 


1. Every quarter we host a "Date Night" where we organize childcare and provide a date night experience for families who foster or adopt. (we have shifted this model due to covid-19)

2. We joined with DFACS to plan a graduation party for the 17 foster kids in Cobb county that graduated from high school in 2020!  Great job guys! 

3. Once a year we participate in the Princess for a Day event to pray over girls in foster care. 

4. Once a year we participate in the Boys to Men event where we are "Superheroes" for boys in Foster care.  Its a good time!