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"we have a finite amount of time to make an infinite impact."

-Jeff Jackson, US ARMY veteran & founder of Ignite Hope


Ignite Hope is first and foremost a prayer ministry. We are a bridge organization offering Strategic Prayer for families and organizations who work in the space of adoption, foster care or kinship care. We Advocate, Resource and Encourage those who are rescuing at-risk kids from the nightmare of life without family. 



Ignite Hope advocates in the public square and straight to the heart of God. We accomplish this two-fold effort by speaking into legislation at the local, state, and national levels. Within the church, we advocate for adoptive/ foster families and call the church into this Holy Work of caring for At-Risk Kids and those who care for them. For example, Ignite Hope hosts prayer/ volunteer training around the community or online to help those who are called to support learn the best practices for interacting with these kids and families. We are also an Orphan Sunday/ Stand Sunday representative through the Christian Alliance for Orphans - connecting with churches with resources for Stand Sunday and Orphan Sunday services, events, and information. 


 Ignite Hope provides resources for families and organizations who are active in the space of foster care and adoption by creating prayer guides, devotionals, and books that speak  God’s truth into the world of orphan care and prayer.  Through partnerships with iDisciple, YouVersion, and Focus on the Family - our devotional offerings have reached a readership of over 86,000 individuals in 26 countries. See our resources here.

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Ignite Hope encourages families in this space by offering annual encouragement events, give-aways, digital resources and prayer teams to encourage and support families on their orphan care journey.  Click here to learn about new events we have coming up. 

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