Helping Hands


help make a difference.

In congress.

-paragraph sample-

Every year, our CEO, Jacqui Jackson, makes at least two trips to Washington D.C.. She speaks with legislatures, attorneys and organizations in an effort to speak up about issues and create change in the adaptive system.  Shes fights for x,y,z problems that are reoccurring in today's adoptive care system. In fact, -enter stat here-!

There is so much work to be done, and you can help become part of the change we hope to see. 

For Information on national legislature concerning adoption, click here:
To find our if your local representative supports the Modern Orphan, click here: 
For information concerning current policies, click here: 

In your community.

-a similar paragraph like the one above, this one focused on community-

Click here for resources to help raise awareness in your community.

In your Church.

-the paragraph that emphasizes the need to advocate in the church- 

There's 1 orphan for every 300 Christians in the United States. That's an incredibly high number. Churches should become more aware of our calling to take care of widows and orphans. It is our duty as Christians to be on the lookout for these individuals and making them feel the love of God that we ourselves have received. 

Click here for resources to help raise awareness in the church.